Friday, March 21, 2008

We sign our cards and letters BFFFFF.

They've got a million ways to make me laugh.
They're looking out for me, they've got my back.
It's so good to have them around.

Well tonight, my two best friends, Joyce and Nicolette, went to a concert. Nicolette told Kevy that I was proud of him and HE SAID THANK YOU. What. Freakin. Now. BITCHES??!?!?!??!?! WHAT FREAKIN NOW?!?!?!?! And he let Joyce kiss his cheek! AHHH! Partayy.

I learned that Nicolette approves of Joyce's new "love interest" (I still can't keep up, first it was Kevo then this other dude -- he ended up being gay i think?? -- and now Britton!). So, I think that Britton could be my new cousin-in-law. But I'm still hoping that Kevin marries Joyce and then I marry Nicholas and then we are sisters.. and Nicolette can have Joe(HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.)

Nicolette PROCEEDED to say "REE" all day in text messages to me. I swear, REE does not mean RETARDED. I mean, can't you just spell out the word?! And gee.. wtffff is that? It certainly is not COOL.

Well, Princess Nicolette also called me a faggot like 203984 times.

Well tonight I realized a few things. On one hand, I realized that best friends are there to make up for everything you have ever lost in your life, even if you think nothing can fill that spot. I also realized that when you feel like you have hit rock bottom, there's always some cool rocks down there, ya know? Nicolette's a damn shiny rock, and Joyce's rock is bedazzled. And Nick Jonas's has a hat on it, Joe's is furry, and Kevin's has snake skin shoes!!

So when you hit rock bottom, make sure you look around, because you never know who could be sitting down there with you for a while, and maybe you can help each other, and float back up to the surface, because without someone there to support you, and call you a stupid Russian, and a fag every five minutes, you won't get back up there. Get your ass off the sand, and pick up some rocks, because some of them are filled with amazing jewels.

So swallow your pride, and ask for some help. That's the best way to go.

Love and Peace,
Princess Ali "Ree"

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Nic Nac Patty Wac said...

hahahaha i love you fagggottt<333333333333